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You can simply invest or you can invest and a week free in any home in that fund. Certain Conditions Apply

Invest in Direct Ownership in Luxury Vacation Homes

The old is out and the new way to invest in vacation destination is here. You get access to luxury homes for passive income and wealth generation. Unlike the old model of timeshares where there's no income or exit, our proprietary model share income, appreciation and tax benefits with you, our investor. Our team has extensive experience and expertise in luxury rentals in the top destinations.

What Drives Us

Why Do We Invest in Lux Vacation Homes

There are two values at the top of our investor's list: family and their financial well-being. The best family memories are made up from our vacations. Our investors wanted to be able to invest in vacation homes but did not want the hassle of managing them. Most of all, they want to spend family time at these destinations. Next, they loathe the timeshare arrangement and they did not want to get his with constant repairs and improvements or deal with vacancies. Next, we found our investors are seeking certainty in the world of uncertainty. They want to invest in things they can understand. They want tax-advantaged investments and a hedge against inflation. Considering both, family and financial well-being, we developed an investment strategy that provides our investors a way to spend more time with their family and an investment in real assets, luxury vacation homes.

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Great Locations. Amazing Opportunities. Invest Lux.

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